Our Story

Adam Irvine

With decades of experience as a business owner within the FMCG sector, Adam is well versed in the operational challenges businesses face.   Investment in I.T. or apps seemed a dark art, compared to buying  new trucks, or packing lines. The significant up front costs would hit cashflow hard. Only after training, launch, and full participation could the measurable benefits be assessed. 

Progressive thinking seemed limited to those with big budgets, prepared to take a risk. Reluctant to spend tens of thousands in advance, but adamant apps would deliver significant advantages Adam set about solving the problem, My Business Apps was an idea… 

With similar models created in accounting packages, a shared platform developed to benefit a broad spectrum of businesses, should keep customer purchase and development costs to a minimum.  Providing solutions without compromise My Business Apps should enhance many aspects of a business that generates paperwork; dealing with quality parameters, compliance audits, a large workforce or high value kit and equipment;  

Adam’s approach has always been process driven.  His problem solving skills, and experience provide an ideal conduit to translate app functionality into practical operational tools.

My Business Apps is now uniquely positioned in the marketplace. No build release fee, zero up front costs. Multiple form options through 1 login Pay as you grow, subscription fees based on number of users. 

Customers should take advantage of the opportunity on offer, and grow their solution with an “invested” supplier.